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Agriculture is unlike general industry in a number of respects—economically, socially, psychologically and geographically. These things must be considered when working with farmers. Ted Matthews works with farm business-related entities across America. He offers training specific to each group and need.

Keynote Address

Half-day Training for Groups

Breakout Sessions

For Ag-related Businesses

How to work with Angry


How to Stay Safe


Communication Skills



For FBM Extension

            How to work more efficiently with farmers


            How to get your job done in stressful situations


            What about you? Taking care of yourself.


            Communication Skills

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What is in it for you?

Developing better communication skills ​with:


Ag Lenders & such

Controlling your own anger

Understanding your anger and others

Identifying  stresses that you can work on & accepting those you cannot change

Relationship Building

Taking better care of self 

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Ted Matthews is a mental health practitioner with over 30 years of experience in counseling in rural areas. His focus for the past 2 decades has been farmer mental health support. He has been the director of mental health services during 5 natural disasters. Matthews provides outreach training and public speaking related to farm stressors, nation wide. He also has extensive counseling experience in the areas of PTSD, crisis intervention, family issues, suicidology and domestic abuse.  Featured on the Huffington Post, MPRNews, CNN, NPR, AgriNews, Successful Farming, Prairie Farmer and many others, Ted offers his expertise to help the general population to better understand the farming culture.

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